Storaging and handling commodities

Our company has sufficient staffing capacities for the needs of third parties - which have adequate warehouse space with associated equipment and assets, performs storaging and handling commodities for different purposes and with different characteristics.

The process of storaging and handling the commodities is realized through the process of receiving, accommodation, protection, basic maintenance, monitoring the qualitative and quantitative state of the commodity and issuing.

We are able to manually or by means of integral transportation handle the commodities in accordance with the available storage.

In order to preserve the qualitative state of commodities, the storage process is carried out in accordance with the technical characteristics of commodities. For the commodities which are declared for a limited period of use by the manufacturer, through the realization of the process of engagement we monitor their qualitative condition.

We are equipped to establish an adequate process for monitoring the microclimate conditions in the warehouse in order to create the optimal conditions for storaging the commodities in the necessary time period to preserve the qualitative state of goods in the warehouse facilities.

Through the proper process of storaging and handling commodities, we ensure that there is no loss, damage, fire, fracture, etc. of the comodities. For the monitoring of the frequency-movement of commodities, we establish complete and quality warehouse documentation and records. For the monitoring the movement of commodities we establish the complete and quality warehouse documentation and tracking.

In order to create the necessary conditions for the protection of commodities, we are equipped to organize adequate fire protection, in accordance with the types and quantities of stored commodities, by prescribing fire prevention measures and securing facilities with sufficient number of PPAs, as well as the organization that the expert services are carried out on time and testing the quality of devices and installations (electrical and lightning installations, pressure vessels, PPA etc.)

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